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Crazy Color supporting NHS & Frontline Workers

With hair and beauty salons currently closed throughout lockdown, Professional Beauty Systems has turned our production predominantly to anti bacterial hand gel to support frontline services.


We support Homestart Renfrew and Inverclyde with our Christmas boxes for vulnerable children in the area each year and our contact from there asked if we could supply the Glasgow Children’s Hospital charity with a moisturiser. One of our staff was also approached by a local shopkeeper asking to do the same to contribute.

We have also heard from friends that are key NHS workers that they are affected by the damaging effects to their skin from PPE and constant hand washing. Moisturiser is a core line for the business so as a result we’ve made 30,000 Crazy Color hand and body moisturisers that can revive their sore and dehydrated skin and we are delighted to be able to supply this for free as a small gesture of appreciation of the huge effort that the NHS staff go to.


Crazy Color is an iconic and fun hair brand that comes in a variety of different vibrant colours and is open to all, so it seemed only fitting that Crazy Color with its pink bottle and rainbow of colours tied in with the rainbow that has become so symbolic in recognising the fantastic work that the NHS staff have been carrying out.

Everyone pulled out all the stops to produce this Crazy Color moisturiser as quickly as possible, in just a few days. As a business we already produce moisturiser so our Product Development team worked with a designer to create a special label. Our labels were printed in record quick time and kindly donated by Macfarlane Labels Ltd, and then our filling hall staff donated their time for free to run the line to fill the bottles – a fantastic effort by everyone involved!


We have been contacting hospitals throughout the UK and organising to safely drop off the Crazy Color moisturisers to them as soon as we can so that they can distribute to their NHS employees for free.



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