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Crazy Color Green Hair Dye

try a new semi-permanent hair dye

The first one on the list has got to be looking after your hair! A fab new hairdo gives us the confidence to take on the world 💪 Why not mix it up and try a new color like one from our range of semi-permanent green hair dyes? It means you can experience a new color without the commitment. Choose from Pine Green, Emerald Green, Peppermint, Lime Twist or Toxic UV. You can go hard with a full vivid look or try something more subtle with a dip dye. May is the best month to try a new green hair dye to support Mental Health Awareness Week 💚

Crazy Color hair care range

take an "everything" bath or shower

If you haven’t heard of an “everything” bath or shower, then you’re in for a treat! When you take an everything bath or shower, you take absolutely every step to pamper and care for yourself. From using your best hair care products to exfoliating your body from head to toe. Here’s what our perfect everything bath/ shower would look like- We would start off by lighting some candles to set the mood, you’ve got to create some ambiance. Treat yourself to our color protecting shampoo & Rainbow Care Conditioner and let us assure you, it will soon become an essential part of your routine! Lather your hair to leave it feeling hydrated, strong and smelling INCREDIBLE! When you’re finished your routine, be sure to cover yourself in moisturiser so you’re feeling extra pampered.

trees and nature

take a long walk in nature

Being at one with nature is a great way for helping the mind, body and soul. Go outside, take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh air. Take a stroll around your neighborhood or go somewhere completely new. Be sure to take in the scenery around you and most importantly, clear your mind ✨


eat something delicious

Treat yourself to your favourite meal, whether you’re making it from scratch or ordering in! Whether you want to go for comfort food or something a bit lighter. There’s nothing better than indulging in your favourite treats.



Some of us need to take a step back and just relax. Sometimes the best thing for your mental health can be slowing things down and doing nothing. Take a seat on the couch and put on your favourite programme or scroll through TikTok if that’s what you prefer. The main thing to do is to relax your body and mind.



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