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Mega Metallic




A little different to bold, bright, and pastel hair color trends of the past, metallic color is all about the shine. That’s why Crazy Color® Metallics contain quartz, which envelops the hair in light reflecting pigment ensuring it dazzles like no other. 


The four shades can be used individually to give a bold all over metallic shade or used with a variety of techniques to create multi-toned metallic hair. Versatile and creative, Crazy Color® Metallics are a must-have addition to any creative colorists product portfolio.


  • - Sapphire
  • - Rose Gold
  • - Slate
  • - Ice Mauve


When pastilized these shades become opalescent, which mixes iridescent pinks, purples, greens, and blues on a pearly, platinum base. And yup, the colors come out just about as stunning as they look on any kind of precious stone or crystal.


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