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Get The Look

Rainbow 90’s highlights!

By using the Crazy Color Rainbow Kit, our color squad rainbow expert @amber_does_mermaid_hair, created this look
– Rainbow 90’s highlights!

I have been super inspired by the 90s chunky highlight look and I really wanted to build on it and try something different and high contrast with the rainbow. The whole colour process was actually done over a balayage too which gave the finished look a really cool rooty vibe!” - Amber

Here’s how to get the look...

The formulation: “For the rainbow sections I used the full Rainbow Kit (FIRE/ORANGE/CANARY YELLOW/ TOXIC UV/CAPRI BLUE/PINKISSIMO) and for the dark panels I used a mix of slate & natural black!”

The process:

  1. Starting out on level 9-10 (light blonde) freshly washed and damp hair is key for this look.
  2. Section out a straight section from ear to ear, this section will be the dark base with the 90s inspired chunky rainbow on the sections above.
  3. Follow the natural fall of the hair, take into consideration how your sections lie around the crown of your head. Start at the back with your sections and move forward from there, think pinwheel around the crown and then 90’s chunky highlights for the front of the head.
  4. For the rainbow panels, blend each colour together in rainbow order in roughly 4 inch ‘panels’ down the section of the hair, the length of each colour panel will be determined by the length of the hair.
  5. After finishing each rainbow panel, place foil over it as a barrier to protect it while applying other shades.
  6. Keep your sections as neat as possible, especially when working with highly contrasting colours!
  7. Let the colours process for 35 minutes (no heat) and then rinse with cool water before drying and styling.

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