How to bleah guide

How To Bleach Guide

Should I do a strand test before using the crazy color bleach kit?

Yes we always recommend doing a strand test as this will give you a true indication of how the colour will take to your hair. The condition of your hair and other factors can affect this so you might get different results each time. A strand test gives you an idea of the end result and will help indicate if your hair is in good enough condition to bleach.

Don’t go ahead with the bleaching process if the strand you have tested feels severely damaged or is stretchy. For more information check out our Patch & Strand Test Guide

Who can use the crazy color bleaching kit?

Our bleaching kits are suitable for unbleached hair, dark blonde to dark brown hair, and root regrowth. Remember that the bleaching process works best on virgin or unprocessed hair so you should make sure your hair is in the best possible condition before bleaching we recommend that you avoid or reduce using heated styling tools for at least a week before bleaching your hair.

When should I apply the crazy color bleach kit?

We recommend bleaching your hair 72hrs after washing, this is because freshly washed hair is stripped of its natural oils which could increase the risk of scalp irritation during the bleaching process. Try to ensure your hair is free of any product like dry shampoo, hairspray, oils etc so it does not compromise your final colour!

Does our crazy color bleach stain?

Yes! All bleach is known to stain fabrics and affect surfaces so always ensure you wear old clothes that you don’t mind staining and keep away from any home furnishings you don’t want ruined. We recommend applying your bleach in the bathroom and use old towels that you don’t mind getting marked.

How do I bleach my hair with the crazy color bleaching kit?

1. Make sure you protect your clothing, surfaces, surroundings etc that you don’t want to get stained and always wear gloves!

2. We recommend splitting your hair into sections so that you can saturate all of your hair evenly with your creamy bleach mixture.

3. Open the enclosed bleach sachets and empty the full contents into our mixing bowl.

4. Add the developer to the bleach powder and mix using the application brush until creamy.

5. Apply evenly to manageable sections of dry, unwashed hair. Do not massage the product into the scalp.

6. Your natural hair colour will determine the development time required - Always refer to the guide on the instruction leaflet to ensure you are not over-processing your hair. After 20 minutes, check a section every 10 minutes to check progress. Your Crazy Color Bleaching Kit can achieve up to 6 + levels of lift but this is dependent on hair colour, hair type, and the time it is left on.

7. Once you have reached your desired shade – rinse, rinse, rinse with warm water, and then shampoo your hair thoroughly. We recommend our Bond Restore Shampoo which has been created to cleanse and hydrate bleached and colour-treated hair.

8. If you are not applying a colour after your bleach, treat your hair to our Bond Recover Treatment to nourish your freshly bleached locks. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.

9. If you are applying colour you can go ahead after shampooing and apply your chosen Crazy Color shade. As a heads up, if you apply your Crazy Color Semi Permanent shade to wet hair the results might be less intense than if applied to dry hair.

How many crazy color bleaching kits will I need?

We suggest purchasing a Crazy Color High Lift Bleach Kit for every 4 inches of length you have, for hair with an average thickness. For example, shoulder-length hair will likely need 3 kits. If your hair is thicker we recommend an extra kit.

How to care for bleached/coloured hair?

After bleaching, we suggest using a deeply nourishing hair mask at least once a week to improve the hair’s condition. Bleached and coloured hair needs extra care. Treat your hair to masks and nourishing treatments to ensure its condition is at its best at all times. If you have root growth, just bleach the roots so your hair is not being over-processed. Top Tip: Use our Ice Mauve Semi-Permanent to tone your blonde and remove any brassy tones! Also perfect for this is our Ultra Violet Anti Yellow Shampoo.