How to Make Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last Longer

15th Jan 2024

We know how much love and skill goes into each and every DIY-Dyeing session, including when topping up between salon visits, and you want to reap the benefits and enjoy that colour for as long as possible right?

We’ve got you. The simple advice is moisture – coloured hair needs extra TLC to make sure it is as healthy as can be. Check out our top tips below, all to help you keep that glossy, bright shade for as long as you can!

Make Dye Last Longer
Make Dye Last Longer
Make Dye Last Longer

How to make your hair dye last longer

Keep it cool

To keep your new hair colour vivid and bright, we recommend washing your hair with cold water (as cold as is bearable). Cold water keeps the hair cuticles closed and therefore stops the colour running out and fading too soon. Warm water is the enemy!

Stretch out your time between washes

We say our Semi-Permanents last between 10-12 washes so to make your colour last try to wash less often. Gather your fave products to keep your hair fresh between washes! If you limit the number of times you wash your hair each week and follow the other recommendations in this list, this will help keep your hair colour looking strong and vibrant.

Always use a Sulphate-Free Conditioner

Make sure you use a salt and sulphate-free conditioner to keep your hair feeling healthy and hydrated, these ingredients strip your hair of moisture and in turn encourage colour fade. Check out our Rainbow Care Conditioner which helps maintain the strength, shine, and suppleness of bleached and coloured hair.


Remember your Crazy Color Secret Weapon! 


This is a little bit of magic in a bottle. Seal in your colour after dyeing with our Anti-Bleed Spray. It prevents your colour from bleeding after dyeing, extending the life of your colour for up to 10 extra washes! With added soya bean, sunflower and coconut oils to enhance shine, this is your Crazy Color secret weapon.


This spray is applied immediately after the hair colour is rinsed out of the hair. Spray evenly over freshly rinsed hair and leave for 1 minute. Then rinse out the hair - no shampoo or conditioner is required. Anti-Bleed also works as an excellent leave-in conditioner treatment, helping to reduce frizz and maintain a smooth hair texture, no matter your hair type.

Use Protection

Too much direct sunlight will strip the semi-permanent colour from your hair and will result in fading. Do your best to protect your new colour by limiting direct exposure to the sun. If you’re on holiday or are lucky enough to live somewhere sunny, keep yourself in the shade as much as possible or use hair bands, wraps and hats to keep your colour bright. As you know the sun dehydrates and it does the same to your hair; dry, parched, thirsty hair needs extra TLC to retain colour.

Scale back on the heat

While we are talking about the sun, heat styling also affects how long your colours lasts. Try your best to reduce the heat styling in your routine and switch to a Microfibre Towel for absorbing moisture from washing (reducing drying time) and heatless curls for bounce rather than hot tools. The more of these little changes you can make the kinder to your hair and your colour.

Soothe thirsty hair

If you feel your hair is dry, parched and thirsty then make sure you give it the extra care it needs to revive its glossy texture and in turn retain your bright colour for longer. Try our Bond Recovery Treatment which uses a powerhouse of natural ingredients for the perfect remedy to soothe, nourish and strengthen your hair from the inside out.

Refresh your colour with a pigmented mask

Our ultra-concentrated Power Pigment Drops are the perfect solution to keep your colour fresh and vibrant in between salon trips or DIY-Dyeing sessions. Available in 5 bold shades: Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple, just pick the one closest to your starting shade and create a colour mask at home by mixing a few drops into a generous amount of conditioner. We recommend our Rainbow Care Conditioner but you can use any made specifically for coloured hair.

Boost your colour with a pigmented shampoo

Our Vibrant Colour Shampoo’s have been formulated to deposit just enough pigment in every wash to refresh and prolong your colour. Created to give your original shade the boost it needs in between DIY-dyeing sessions, they are also great at getting rid of any unwanted undertones too.


If you start to implement even some of these into your routine, you should notice a difference in the longevity of your colour. Taking care of your bleached & coloured hair is so important - keeping your hair in the best condition will help keep your colour vibrant for longer. Check out our Colour Care Guide Here for more info.