Colour Care Guide

Colour Care Guide

Make your colour last

So you’ve recently committed to colour or maybe you’re a lifelong DIY-dyer, either way you want that colour to last as long as possible, right? Let us help you lock in that colour: Follow our guide below for optimal results.

1. Wash hair with cold water

This is an essential part of the process, to keep your new hair colour fresh and bright, wash your hair with cold water. We know it’s painful! But if you can bear it, cold water keeps the hair cuticles closed and therefore stops the colour running out and fading too soon. Warm water is the enemy!

2. Go longer between washes

Each time you wash your hair, your semi-permanent will fade. We suggest you reduce the number of times you wash your hair each week to keep your hair looking vibrant. If your colour fades in 8 washes or 10 washes, it's up to you how long that is!

3. Choose the right shampoo

It's simple: coloured hair needs extra care to help prolong your vivid colour. When you do wash your hair, make sure you are using the right products. Since hydrated hair retains pigment for longer, Extend Color Shampoo has a trio of essential oils to promote increased hydration and elasticity. Frequent use will seal the colour into the hair shaft giving optimal levels of vibrancy for longer! Another option is to try our Vibrant Colour Shampoo’s to maintain vibrant colour. These are available in 4 shades, and have been formulated to deposit just enough pigment to refresh and prolong your Crazy Color shade. The colour boost you need in between DIY-dyeing sessions. They are great at getting rid of any unwanted undertones too.

4. Use sulphate-free conditioner

Make sure you use a salt and sulphate-free conditioner to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Our Rainbow Care Conditioner is a deep conditioner that helps maintain the strength, shine, and suppleness of all hair colours. It contains vitamin-rich sunflower seed oil and nourishing brazil nut oil, to keep your hair hydrated while also smelling A-MAZING!

5. Make colour mask

In between DIY-dyeing sessions you want to keep your colour fresh, make your own conditioning colour mask for your hair by adding a generous skoosh of your chosen Semi-Permanent Hair Colour to a handful of our Rainbow Care Conditioner. Leave your mask on for around 3-5 minutes to nourish and refresh your hair!

6. Reach for the crazy color secret weapon

After dyeing and rinsing your hair, apply our Anti-Bleed Spray which helps to seal your colour and prevent colour bleed after dyeing – it can extend the life of your colour for up to ten extra washes! The ultra-low pH formula works in just 60 seconds, shutting down the cuticle, retaining the colour and actively extending the life of all coloured hair types. With added soya bean oil to enhance shine, this is your DIY-dyeing secret weapon!

7. Avoid high heat styling

We know this is so disappointing to hear, but remember, the more heat you apply during the styling process, the quicker your colour will fade. Be aware of how hot your tools are each time you style your hair. we recommend avoiding all high heat styling if possible, or use a styling tool with heat control and set to low.

8. Go easy on the sunshine

Too much direct sunlight will strip the semi-permanent hair dye from your hair and will result in fading. Do your best to protect your new color by limiting direct exposure to the sun. If you’re on holiday, keep your hair protected as much as possible to keep your hair colour looking vivid and bright. FYI: Similar to direct sunlight, the chlorine of a swimming pool doesn’t mix well with semi-permanent hair dye and will strip the colour from your hair. Keep your hair out of the pool.