Ammonia Free


We live for vivid colour and we want to make sure that saturated bright colour is achievable without harming, damaging or weakening your hair.

Benefits of ammonia-free hair dye

Our formulations are ammonia-free for this reason, we want what you want: super hydrated, healthy colour with optimal vibrancy and shine!


Ammonia can strip the hair of natural oils and proteins, damaging the hair cuticle and weakening the hair. By using hair dye with no ammonia, you can colour your hair in a way that is gentle on your hair and scalp & will lock in that all important moisture. Our hair colour products use a conditioning formula to ensure hydration every time you dye.

Health check

Ammonia-free hair colour is safer for long-term use (great news if you like to refresh your vivid colour often). Ammonia upsets the hair’s natural pH balance which makes hair brittle and prone to breakage. Using our ammonia-free hair dyes means colouring your hair is safe time and time again. You will experience minimal damage to your hair throughout the colouring process with our semi-permanent dyes.

Top tip

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your colour every time you reach for the bottle, check out our Anti-Bleed Spray.