Megan Crabbe Q&A

14th Feb 2024

Megan Crabbe embodies vibrancy, female empowerment and body positivity. We have had the pleasure of working with Megan over the past few months and she has brought so much energy to everything we have worked on together!

• You are renowned for your vivid hair! What is your fave colour combo?

This might be obvious, but: PIIIIINNNNNK!! I love using different shades of pink, whether it's in an ombre style or split half-and-half like I have now. At the moment one side of my hair is combo of cyclamen, pinkissimo + lavender, and the other side is candy floss, pinkissimo + marshmallow.

• What does having vivid hair, mean to you?

To me, colour is one of the best things about being alive! Whether it's in nature or in what you wear, colourful things bring me joy, and having vivid hair is an extension of that joy. Plus when you live in London where there's so much grey, it's fun to add a burst of colour wherever you go!

We recently hosted a Booty Shake and Meditate workshop with Megan and her twerk teacher Nana. We all had such an amazing day filled with positivity and strength! There was a competition on socials for winners so please always get involved – next time it could be you!

• We loved having a Booty Shake + Meditate class with you! What do you love most about moving your body?

Moving my body used to be all about making myself smaller - I only ever used exercise as a way to change how I looked or punish myself for what I'd eaten. Reclaiming movement as a tool for joy as been so powerful - now I move because it's fun, because it feels good, and because I love getting those endorphins! It isn't about how my body looks, and there's so much freedom in that.

Megan Crabbe
Megan Crabbe Booty Shake
Booty Shake & Meditate
Dance Class

• What would you say to anyone who needs a little help with self-love?

We're all just practicing! We've spent our whole lives absorbing messaging about how we're not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not successful or desirable or smart enough. It takes a lot of practice to recognise how harmful those messages are and teach ourselves something different. Anyone who's even started the work of truly accepting and loving themselves is pretty badass!

• What do you think is beneficial about guided meditation?

I know for myself, my brain is an incredibly busy place, constantly filled with everything that needs to be done, everything that could happen, everything I should do more of etc. etc. Guided meditations give us permission to drop all of that for a short while, and just be present, focusing on our breath and intentional kindness towards ourselves. There's real healing in allowing ourselves that time.

• What do you hope people took away from the day we had together?

Community, more than anything! I hope they felt part of something bigger than just themselves, and knew that everyone there felt a similar way, and wanted good things for them as well. Life can get isolating for a lot of us, so having those space s to be seen, held and uplifted is everything. I know I left feeling connected and full.

Want to get a taste of the class? Check out Megans playlist that she used for the day on our Spotify.