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Orange Hair Ideas For 2021



The Brightest Orange

It would not be a blog about orange hair trends without mentioning the queen of this look - @foreveryoursbetty

In this video, Betty shows off her vivid orange shade which uses a variety of her favourite Crazy Color Products. The great thing about Crazy Color is the limitless creativity which our wide range of products offer. Orange is a popular shade to mix with and it gives you lots of options, depending on your color goals. We see lots of our customers mixing it with yellow's and red's, and this is exactly what Betty has done.  Check out this amazing formula which will help you on the quest to achieving gorgeous orange hair.

This is about as vivid and bright as orange hair can get!

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In a bowl, mix Orange  and Canary Yellow, with a few drops of our Red Pigment and Yellow Pigment (only a few as these are highly concentrated). The pigment drops will increase the saturation of the shade, which is why Betty's hair is looking so bright and vivid! This look is for the brave souls out there who want the most vibrant orange hair possible.

girl with orange semi-permanent hair
Copper Dream

This natural orange look is perfect for someone who is ready to dip their toe into the world of creative color, while keeping it on the down low…for now! This Copper look is vibrant without being too saturated, so it's a good shade to get started with.

What is more perfect than this copper color? Especially for Autumn Pumpkin Spiced Latte vibes. 

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This Copper Dream look is an example of a well-chosen set of colors, where each product has a specific role to play in the coloring process.

Use a custom mix of Crazy Color Coral Red, Orange and a touch of Black to get perfect copper hair!
girl with bright orange semi-permanent hair

Fire, Straight Up Fire

Hot Hot Hot…Firey hair is heating up and we’re not about to put it out. It’s time to set the world alight one orange bottle of Crazy Color at a time.

This is a vivid and bold look, which is everything Crazy Color is about. The shade sits somewhere inbetween orange and red and is perfect for those who want loud hair.

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To truly show your firey side, we recommend dropping some Crazy Color Fire into Crazy Color Orange to create this look. To achieve optimal results, pre-lighten your hair to level 9 or 10 (blonde) before application. This look was created by 

girl with orange and red hair

Dark & Stormy Orange

If you’re looking for a hair color that people will double take in the street, this is the one for you!

At first, your hair might look like a natural orange tone, but on that second glance it’s obvious that your hair is a bright and firey orange. With the dark root fading into the firey ends this look will turn heads again and again.

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Use a custom mix of Fire, Orange and a little bit of Black to create this multi-dimensional look.

Orange Dream

Live your best orange life with this complete, all over orange! Sometimes all you need is a single color to get vivid hair which everyone will be talking about.

@caitmarks has hit the mark with her orange creation, using Crazy Color with her new look. There is nothing subtle about this vivid shade and that is exactly what we love about it. It's bold, bright, and perfect for making a statement.


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Use Crazy Color Coral Red for an all over orange/red shade. As this look is so bright and bold, it's vital that you pre-lighten your hair to level 9 or 10 (blonde) before application to ensure that you achieve optimal results.

a girl with orange hair dye

Subtle Orange (But Also Not Really!)

Another head turning look is this subtle fade to light orange by the talented team at Not Another Salon.

This is a good look for those who want vivid and colorful hair, without it being too in your face. It’s subtle enough to be work appropriate but bright enough to make a statement. This is a custom shade with a root drag to give that more subtle look, with the pop of Crazy Color Orange at the bottom.

girl with orange hair dye

Peachy Pastel

This is the perfect look for spring and summer and will have you dreaming of peach sorbet all day long! Pastel Peach hair is an iconic look and it will certainly make a statement. It is also a really easy shade to achieve as you only need two colors.

Get The Look

Mix Coral Red and Neutral to create your perfect pastel shade. The more neutral you use, the more pastel the shade will be. This technique can also be applied to any of our bright primary colors to pastelise the shade. As this is a light look, we recommend lightening your hair to level 9 or 10 (blonde) to achieve this peachy pastel shade.


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