Orange Hair

26th Apr 2023

We love those bold vivid shades and orange is one of our favourites, like dopamine dressing but for your hair!

We are talking rich, saturated (the buzz word!) vibrant shades of Orange.

First things first, our straight from the bottle Orange is a beautifully intense showstopping Orange and is perfect if you don’t want to mix it up, you want a tried and tested colour and you know you are getting that vivid that will get everyone talking! Go for it! 


We now do kits for various lengths of hair which are better for your budget than buying singles: 

If you are trying to work out the crucial question, How many bottles do I need? Here is our guide: 


If you have short hair or are just looking to top up your colour, 1 bottle will do the job. We would recommend 2 bottles for lighter colours on short hair just so you can fully saturate each strand. 2 bottles for mid length hair - you need that full saturation and all important smooshing of the colour on your hair! Longer hair will need around 3-4 bottles to make sure every strand gets an even dose of colour.


Crazy Color Coral Red is another for an all over orange/red shade. As this look is so bright and bold, it's vital that you pre-lighten your hair to level 9 or 10 (blonde) before application to ensure that you achieve optimal results


If you would rather create your own custom mix, you don’t need loads of experience doing this, we’ve got some tried and tested mash ups you can create at home! 

Orange Hair Ideas
Orange Hair Ideas
Orange Hair Ideas

Copper Cowgirl is here to stay!

That’s because we love it! This natural deep copper orange is perfect for you if you are ready to dip into the world of creative colour, while keeping it low key(ish)…for now! This Copper look is lustrous and vibrant without being overpowering, so it's a good shade to start your vivid journey with! 


This look is an example of a well-chosen set of colours, where each product has a specific role to play in the colouring process to create this perfect shade. All you need is 50/50 Coral Red and Orange with a tiny drop of Black to get perfect copper hair!

Cherry Copper

Thanks to Dua we are all looking for the perfect Cherry Cola shade, so take your Copper and make it mysterious with a rich jewel red addition! Add a few drops of Ruby Rouge or Bordeaux to take your copper to the next level!   

Hot Hot Hot…

The ultimate fiery orange is a vivid and bold look, which is everything Crazy Color is about. This shade is the perfect balance between orange and red: loud, bold and a definite attention grabber! 


To create your dream shade, add 5 drops of Crazy Color Fire into Crazy Color Orange. To achieve optimal results, pre-lighten your hair to level 9 or 10 (blonde) before application using our High Lift Bleaching Kit. We always recommend lightening to this level for the most vibrant results. 


Or reach for our Coral Red and use this one straight from the bottle, you will get a similar bold red/orange hue. 

Orange Hair Ideas
Orange Hair Ideas
Orange Hair Ideas

Mix it Dark & Stormy

Take your fiery red shade and give it a dark twist…adding a few drops of Black to create this multi-dimensional look. This is perfect for a two-tone look, with the dark root fading into the fiery ends this look will turn heads again and again. 

Make it Neon

Anarchy UV – the name gives you an idea of what’s in this bottle: a bold, neon yellow-toned orange that will glow in both natural light and blacklight. This is a beauty in a bottle. 


Add a bold boost of Anarchy UV to Orange, Coral Red, or Fire to amplify their glow!