Smokey Metallics

26th Apr 2023

Choose from 6 Crazy Color shades: Slate, Ice Mauve, Rose Gold, Graphite, Platinum and Silver.

These Metallic beauties are packed full of ingredients to make create a truly enviable lustre that’s perfect for party season. Use them straight from the bottle or create your own unique mix inspired by our ambassador tips below.

Steel Blue Hair Dye

Top of the wish list is Slate, a sleek metallic blue hair dye that creates the ultimate shade of steel blue. It glistens in daylight and looks a little deeper after sunset. Mix Slate and Graphite together to create a heavier tone, add a few drops or add until you reach your own perfect shade of grey/blue. Perfect to use as an all-over colour or as a contrasting money piece.

Smokey Blue Hair Dye

Want to take your Slate even more intense & perfect for those winter nights? Our Brand Ambassador Connor Stansfield suggests mixing together Slate and Black. When you mix these shades together, you’ll create the ultimate smokey grey metallic hair. Use it as an all-over vivid or try it on the tips of your blonde hair for the perfect smokey ends.

Smokey Purple Hair Dye

Mix Ice Mauve and Rose Gold together to get a dreamy metallic pastel shade. Add a little Silver and Black to add depth, creating a deeper duskier tone.

Ice Mauve is one of our favourites: a pale violet shade with a cheeky twist. It shimmers against the light, creating an amazing iridescent shine any glitterball would be proud of! Ice Mauve is such a versatile shade that it can also be used as a toner, perfect for creating a light, smokey tone to your blonde with this muted violet.

image of hand holding woman's metallic purple short curly hair

Smokey Rose Hair Dye

Slate is the gift that keeps on giving . . . Spice it up and create a warming plum tone. Mix a few drops of Slate and Black into a warm pink/red formula. Amber loves this unique shade, especially for the festive season.

Metallic Pastel Pink Hair Dye

Marshmallow is the softest of pinks, with a metallic grey undertone. Delicate and cool, this one is a high-maintenance colour, but totally worth it.

user generated image of close up of man with metallic light pink short hair

Silver Hair Dye

Silver offers the perfect contrast to a dark root. The metallic grey tone catches the light from different angles which gives a multi-dimensional effect.

Adding a touch of Black gives you a deeper, smokier tone.

user generated image of a close up of back of woman's long ombre grey metallic hair

We would love to see your Crazy Color smokey metallic hair, so please tag us in your photos on Instagram!