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The Ultimate Guide to Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

semi-permanent hair dye

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last?

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye will last approximately 10-12 washes. However, the duration of semi-permanent color can vary from person to person, based on the overall health of your hair and its porosity.

The color will be at its most vibrant as soon as you’ve finished the application process, and over time it will gradually fade. Each time you wash your hair, the color will fade a little bit more. However, this is part of the process and your hair will still look fantastic as it starts to fade! The longevity of semi-permanent color is also highly dependent on your aftercare routine, so have a look at our tips on how to maintain your vivid hair. Please note, colors such as blue and green will typically take a little bit more time to fade.

Quick Tip: We recommend that you keep your hair out of the sun where possible as this will speed up the fading process!

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How does semi-permanent hair dye work?

Unlike permanent products, semi-permanent hair dye does not penetrate the hair shaft to change its base color. Instead, it solely coats the outer surface of the hair which is a damage-free process. This involves color particles covering the outer layer of the hair shaft, without affecting the natural pigment. These color particles are so small that they will eventually be removed from the hair after washing it with shampoo (10-12 washes). Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Dye has been created using a gentle conditioning formula which will leave your hair damage-free and hydrated.  

This temporary method of dying your hair opens up lots of exciting options and gives you the flexibility to change your hair color every couple of weeks!

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what are the benefits of using semi-permanent hair dye?

One of the best things about semi-permanent hair dye is that you can mix colors to create a shade of your choice. We’re constantly amazed by the new look’s which our customers create.

If you’re like us, you love the variation which semi-permanent hair dye offers. You can continually experiment with new colors and be as crazy as you like with your hair. Our semi-permanent color typically lasts from 10-12 washes which gives you lots of flexibility to change your color up as you like!

Test A New Look
If you’re looking at trialling a new color but aren’t ready to make the full commitment, semi-permanent hair dye allows you to test out any color you like, before taking the plunge to a permanent color.  

Add Shine
Semi-Permanent hair dye can be used to add a glossy finish to dull hair. We recommend applying Crazy Color Neutral to any hair color in order to add some extra shine and gloss.  

Cruelty Free
All Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Products are 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty free. We are strong advocates of ethical production & testing, and this is something we are committed to going forward. Also, cruelty-free hair dye contains natural ingredients which will leave your hair free from damage.  

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Does semi-permanent color damage hair?

As it is ammonia-free and doesn’t use harsh chemicals, semi-permanent hair dye will not damage your hair. One of the main reasons for this is that it does not compromise the hairs shaft. It simply coats the surface of the hair and it will wash out over time. This makes it a great choice for those who want to experiment with new colors, or like changing their look frequently.

Crazy Color semi-permanent hair dye products are formulated using our Rainbow Shield Technology which locks in moisture, leaving your hair feeling hydrated and healthy! However, despite using a gentle formula, it is still very important to follow a good aftercare and maintenance routine. Take a look at our advice on how to maintain your semi-permanent hair color.

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Will Semi-Permanent Dye Stain My Hair?

For the most part, no. Semi-permanent hair dye will not stain your hair and it will completely wash out after the appropriate number of washes (approx. 10-12). Semi-Permanent hair dye does not compromise the hair strand, it only coats the outer shaft. This means that given adequate time and washes, the color should be completely removed from your hair. However, if the hair has been dyed repeatedly, you may experience a very subtle stain on your hair.

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Is Semi-Permanent Hair Color Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to use semi-permanent hair dye while you’re pregnant, as long as you are cautious throughout the application process. The chemicals which are used to produce semi-permanent color are not considered to be highly toxic and research confirms that it is safe to add color to your hair while pregnant. Semi-permanent hair dye will only coat the hair strands and will not be absorbed by the scalp at any point.
We suggest that you follow these tips;

  • - Carry out a strand test
    - Ensure that the room is well ventilated
    - Wear protective gloves throughout the entire process
    - Leave product in for the minimum recommended time.
    - Fully rinse off all semi-permanent hair dye after application.
  • Please note, this is not medical advice and should only provide general direction. All medical concerns should be discussed with your doctor.


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