Using Crazy Color as a Toner

19th Apr 2023

Blue Hair

We all know that blue hair is a commitment and it can be stubborn to remove. If you have a blue look that isn’t shifting, we would suggest putting over a layer of Cyclamen which will create a unique shade of purple. 

Green hair is nearly as big of a commitment as blue hair. If you are looking for ways to neutralise green or blue from your hair, you should add a dot or two of Orange to Peachy Coral. This helps to quickly move your cool tone to a warmer one without it looking dull or muddy. This will only work on heavily faded colours! To get rid of your colour more quickly, we would suggest washing regularly with a non-safe colour shampoo.

Icy Blondes

If you have an icy blonde and you want it to stay that way, we would suggest using our Neutral Mix with a few drops of Lavender to keep unwanted undertones at bay. 

PlatinumSilver are a blondes best friend. Use this combo to tone platinum hair! You will need to be on the cleanest level 10 for the results to be amazing. We would suggest using a 50/50 ratio BUT, if your hair has more yellow undertones, you would need to adjust the formula to include more Platinum because it is a violet-based shade. 

Our Ultra-Violet purple shampoo helps to get rid of unwanted, yellow undertones by transforming your hair with an icy blonde hue. Use this with every wash to keep up your icy blonde after toning.

Black Hair

Our Black shade has blue undertones (which look amazing!) but if you want to tone and cool down the look, add in a really small amount of Platinum to intensify the coolness.

image of two bottles of Crazy Color ultra violet shampoo bottles