Embrace the Vivid: Dyeing Hair Extensions with Crazy Color

8th Jul 2024

Summer is here, and so is festival season, which means it's the perfect time to get creative and experiment with your look. As we know, one of the easiest ways to make a statement is trying out a new hair colour, and if you’re not quite ready to commit to dyeing your natural hair, hair extensions are the perfect solution!

Enter Crazy Color to transform those hair extensions any shade you’re in the mood for! Whether you're counting down to your favourite music festival, planning a summer party wknd or looking to create a little wow at a special event, we’ve got you covered.

From electric blues to neon greens and candy pinks, our semi-permanent dyes are perfect for creating your next transformation!

Can You Dye Extensions?


Yes, you absolutely can colour hair extensions! Such a great option for trying new colours + mixing your own shade! We recommend using real hair extensions as these will take the colour and give you a true to bottle shade whereas synthetic hair extensions can often repel the dye depending on the material.


Benefits of Using Crazy Color on Hair Extensions:


Vibrancy: Crazy Color dyes are known for their intense pigmentation, ensuring your extensions look vivid and eye-catching in any shade!

Temporary: These dyes are semi-permanent, which means they gradually fade over time, perfect for those who love changing their look frequently: so you can change the colour of those extensions depending on you mood or the situation!

Conditioning Formula: Our dyes are formulated to condition hair while colouring, ensuring your extensions remain soft and shiny and in great condition.

Ease of Use: The application process is super straightforward, and we have some great how to’s on our socials so we can help you along the way.

How to Dye Your Hair Extensions with Crazy Color


You'll Need:

-  Crazy Color dye(s) of your choice
-  Hair extensions (human hair for the best results: synthetic hair doesn’t always take semi-permanent dye)
-  Mixing bowl and brush or check out our DIY Dyers Kit Bag
-  Wide-tooth comb
-  Plastic wrap or aluminum foil
-  Towel or protective covering for your workspace

Step-by-Step Guide:


Prepare your space for dyeing: Lay down an old towel or protective covering to avoid staining surfaces.

Brush and Wash Extensions: Comb through your extensions to remove any tangles. If they're new, a quick rinse can help remove any residues that might affect dye absorption.

Mix it up: Pour the Crazy Color dye into a mixing bowl. You can always mix different shades to create your own unique colour or get inspired on our socials with some custom mixes!

Application: Using a brush, apply the dye evenly to the extensions. Ensure that each strand is fully saturated for even colour distribution. If you’re using multiple colours, you can use plastic wrap or foil to keep the sections separate.

Process the Color: Let the dye sit on the extensions for 15-30 minutes.

Rinse and Condition: Rinse the extensions under cold water until the water runs clear. Apply the Crazy Color secret weapon that is Anti Bleed Spray to seal that colour in for up to 10 extra washes! Or use a conditioner after colouring to keep your extensions soft and manageable.

Dry and Style: Gently squeeze out excess water and let the extensions air dry. Avoid using heat styling tools immediately after dyeing to prevent damage or affecting the colour.

Our 40 shades offer limitless possibilities for customising your look. What are you going for?


Festivals: Go wild with neon shades or a rainbow gradient to stand out in the crowd.

Summer Vibes: Opt for pastel tones like Candlyfloss, Peppermint or Lavender for a fresh, beach-ready look.

Big Wknd Parties: Create a pastel to vivid ombre or a dip-dye effect with a bright colour on the ends. Wow. 

Everyday Fun: Mix and match a few clip-in extensions in different colours to change up your daily style without a long-term commitment.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Vivid Extensions


Gentle Care: Always handle your extensions with care, especially when brushing and washing.

Avoid Heat: Minimise the use of heat styling tools to preserve the colour and integrity of the extensions.

Color Refresh: Keep some extra dye on hand for touch-ups if the colour starts to fade. Check out our blog for advice on keeping that colour locked in for longer!

Dyeing hair extensions is such a fun way to experiment with colour in your hair without reaching for the bleach. So go ahead, pick your favourite shades and get creative for the summer transformation of your vivid colour dreams! Happy dyeing!

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