Pink Hair Dye Hacks

3rd May 2023

Pink shades are a favourite for a reason! Create a pink shade with a pastel hue for Spring or a deep, rich shade for Winter. Pinks are so versatile, shades can be created to suit every skin tone. It also has the added benefit of being one of the easiest shades to remove, making pink the perfect colour if you like to switch up your look often or if you are going vivid for the first time.

“Shades of pink are the best for both in-salon and at home use, because they wash out completely; no need to worry about unwanted staining.”
- Sophia Hilton, Not Another Salon Owner & Crazy Color Brand Ambassador


Keep reading to find out more of our top tips for getting the perfect pink hair.

Pink hair dye
Pink hair dye

Light = Bright

There’s no doubt pastel pink hair is one of the prettiest colours and one of the easier to apply all over at home with minimal staining, but for optimum results we need to start with the best possible base hair colour. The best hair colour to go pastel with is platinum/white blonde. If you’re light brown to dark brown you will probably need to undergo some lightening before you can fulfill your perfect pastel dreams. 


If you’ve got light blonde highlights or a balayage then you’ll be able to pull off the touch of pink look as the shade will deposit colour to these areas of your hair whilst leaving the rest its natural shade.


To achieve most shades of pink, you will need to Bleach your hair to a level 8+ and the lighter and brighter your blonde, the more vibrant and true to shade your resulting pink will be. Our High Lift Bleaching Kit will lift your hair 6+ Levels and helps create the perfect base for your colour! 


From Madonna to Anne-Marie and Lizzo, there is a list of celebs rocking a baby pink look. To get this look this we recommend using Crazy Color Candy Floss pink hair dye straight from the bottle – that’s what Madonna used after all! 

Pink hair dye
Pink hair dye
Pink hair dye

Pink with Power!

Pinkissimo is one of our best-selling pink hair dyes and a long-time Crazy Color staple. It gives a super vibrant shade of pink that is completely addictive!


Pinkissimo is our go to colour for that bright pink hair colour look we’re all looking for. An added bonus of using Pinkissimo is that you get the best of both worlds, super bright pink followed by a pastel pink as the colour fades!


If you really want to turn heads with your pink hair look then we’ve got you covered! The most head turning pink hair dye in the Crazy Color range has got to be Rebel UV – not only does this scream in the daylight, and glow under UV…you’ll be the talk of the party with this look!


If you want to ramp up the intensity of our pink semi-permanent shades is to add a few drops of our amazing Pink POWER Pigment Drops to really amp up that pink hair colour shade! Beautiful! 

Dream Big, Dream Pink

From professional hair stylists to at home users, everyone loves Crazy Color Cyclamen for that rich, saturated pink. This shade is also perfect for people who don’t want to bleach their hair to see results.


“Crazy Color’s Cyclamen is great for those who want the pink look, but don’t want a full scalp bleach first. What’s special about Cyclamen is that it works over hair tones that are as dark as a dark blonde to light brunette, and still comes through with that pop of vibrant colour!”

- Sophia Hilton, Not Another Salon Owner & Crazy Color Brand Ambassador


Using Cyclamen over the hair will give you that tonal, look twice type of look on a darker base whilst on light blondes you’ll get a super rich and luxurious pink.


If you want to deepen and intensify the shade even further, add a few drops of Natural Black to the mix! 

Or go in the opposite direction - If you want to have a pink that stands out from the crowd, reach for Rebel UV. This shade will glow wherever your go. Mix it into any of our Pinks to give them a kick of vibrancy that you are going to love.

Pro Hacks

Don’t be afraid to mix Crazy Color Semi-Permanents together! They are all inter-mixable and perfect for creating your own completely unique shades. 


If you need a bit of inspiration for mixing up a new pink shade, check these out: 

“Pre-mix a bowl of Neutral Mix and add a drop of Canary Yellow to create a pastel yellow. Then, add the pastel yellow to a bowl of Cyclamen. This will cancel out the purple hue from Cyclamen and sends the most amazingly bright shade of pink you’ll ever see.” – Connor Stansfield, Not Another Salon & Crazy Color Ambassador 


All of our pink colours have a warm tone to them, but if you are looking for something a bit cooler, our brand ambassador Norman Boulton recommends that you add a few drops of Lavender to any of our Pink Semi-Permanents to cool it down. 


Crazy Color Candy Floss is a feel-good fave! This fun-loving shade could be described as creamy bubblegum pink when used alone, it is also a great option for mixing! If you're looking for a pastel pink with a punch, mix your Candy Floss with Fire! Fire is an intense red that will amp up that pink colour:

"add a small squirt of this punchy shade as it goes a really long way when mixed with Candy Floss. Less is definitely more when you're creating punch pastel shades!" – Norman Boulton, Not Another Salon & Crazy Color Ambassador


“Use a few drops of Pink Power Pigment when using Pinkissimo for more of a matt finish” - Becky Sutherland, Pink Lemon Hair


The punchy and bright Pinkissimo that we all know and love with a matte finish? Sign. Us. Up!

Make Your Colour Last

Our Pink Colour Shampoo will help to eliminate unwanted undertones and freshen up your pink colour with each use. It's a super nourishing, 100% sulphate-free shampoo that will deposit pigment onto your hair and help to maintain the vibrancy of that pink shade for longer.


Does your colour need a little TLC and a colour refresh? Mix a few drops of your semi-permanent shade (or the one closest) into our Rainbow Care Conditioner cover your hair with this treatment and leave for a few minutes. Not only will it soothe your dry hair but it will freshen those pink tones too!


Another option to keep that colour fresh - add a few drops of our Pink Power Pigment Drops to your conditioner and you have a perfectly pigmented hair mask! Perfect for maintaining that pink hair you love! 


Nourished and hydrated hair retains colour for longer so treat your hair to a Bond Recovery Treatment once a week to make sure it is in great condition for colour. 


Read more on our Colour Care Guide

Want Pink Without Commitment?

If you have light blonde or platinum hair and fancy taking a quick trip to the pink side then check out Crazy Color Marshmallow Pastel Spray. It’s perfect for festival season and trying out pink hair before you make that semi-permanent commitment! Our Pastel Sprays last 1-3 washes and give that instant pop of colour. All you’ve got to do is spray it on your hair and blow dry it in to lock in the colour. 


We would love to see your Crazy Color pink hair creations, so please tag us in your photos on Instagram @crazycolorcasa