What's The Buzz About Peach Fuzz?

21st Mar 2024

Pantone’s colour of the year is Peach Fuzz so we’ve all being seeing these beautiful creamy peach hair tones all over and we are here for it. There are so many ways you can create your perfect peach hair colour from those sundae pastels to those with a vibrant twist, it is one shade that looks amazing either way and like pink, suits so many skin tones and styles!

Peach Dye
Peach Hair
Peach Hair Dye


For subtle glossy hair that will make a statement, this will be your new go to. This next mix will have you thinking of peach sorbet all day and it’s so easy to achieve.


If you want those creamy, dreamy pastels, Crazy Color Neutral Mix has just became your new best friend! 


You can create the easiest Pastel Peach hair colour by mixing Coral Red and Neutral Mix together. Use Coral Red as your base and keep adding in Neutral Mix until you find your perfect shade of peach. The lighter and creamier your shade, the lighter you will need to lift your hair. Use our High Lift Bleaching Kit to lift your hair to a clean level 10+ and be sure to leave your colour on to develop for a minimum of 30 minutes for the best results. 


You can add  Neutral Mix to pastelise any shade, just keep adding drops until you find your perfect peach hair tone.


Looking for something with a slightly warmer pinky tone, we have two great straight from the bottle options: Crazy Color Peachy Coral is a soft peachy orange with pink undertones and our Rose Gold steers more towards the pink side of the colour spectrum but has a warm undertone so still a nod to our Peach Fuzz fave. 

Vibing It

Peachy Coral can be mixed with Candy Floss or Marshmallow to create a completely unique luxurious pastel peach shade. 


The options don’t stop there, if you are looking for something a little duskier, just mix it up with Rose Gold, or to go bold add Coral Red to deepen the colour, giving you a stronger orange peach.

Amp It Up

Don't forget to make the trend your own: to suit your style, your vibe and your skin tone. There is a peach for everyone! 


This beauty created by @neyamcr is a mash up of our Peachy Coral amped up with 2 drops of Anarchy UV. A peach that packs a punch!