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How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair

Color Wheel

How Do I Get Rid Of Brassy Hair?
Getting rid of brassy hair starts with a quick look at the color wheel to understand how it all works. The color opposite to yellow on the color wheel is purple, therefore adding purple to yellow or warm toned hair will cancel out the yellow tones to create a clean, cool base.

Using a purple shampoo is a great option as it dispenses pigments into the hair to adjust the tone to a cooler shade and in turn, cancelling out those warm tones.
This is a really important part of exploring the world of vivid colors as well, this clean neutral base is so important to make sure you’re getting the truest tone of color.

No Yellow Shampoo before and after

How To Maintain Bleached Hair
Toners won’t last forever, so aftercare for bleached hair to keep those yellow or brassy undertones is a must! Maintaining bleached hair at home is made simple with Crazy Color Ultra Violet Shampoo.

Adding purple shampoo to your hair care routine, a few times a week, will keep your hair a fresh clean blonde with no underlying yellow tones. In between these washes you should switch to Salt & Sulphate Free Shampoos which protect the hair and avoid stripping the hair of natural oils.

Anti-yellow Shampoo

Crazy Color Anti Yellow Shampoo

Get started on your journey to perfectly toned hair with Crazy Color UltraViolet Anti Yellow Shampo. 

It is an intense, 100% sulphate-free, treatment shampoo specifically formulated for super lightened, grey, or bleached hair. Infused with super strength violet pigments which deposit onto your hair to help remove those unwanted yellow tones, perfect as a toner after the bleaching process.

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